LG G6 Inspired Google Pixel 2 Renders Appear


The Google Pixel, which was announced at the October of last year, has turned out to be a landmark phone in the world of Android devices. With over a million units sold, the phone has established a solid place in the world of technology. Google is now working on the successor to the phones. The Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel XL 2 are all set to come out later this year. A new render has recently emerged which shows the phone looking similar to the LG G6.

This holds a significant importance and has probably been conceptualized because reports indicate that while HTC would be building the regular variant of the Google Pixel 2, the larger of the two, however, would be built by LG. The larger Pixel, code-named Taimen is going to be made by LG. LG and Google have always been on the best of terms as they have co-produced many popular devices in the past.

The latest set of renders indicate the Google Pixel 2 to come out with a LG G6 like design. It comes with extremely thin bezels, so thin that you almost do not see them. The phone offers a resolution of 16:9, similar to what we have seen earlier in the LG G6 and the Samsung Galaxy S8.

On the back, the Google Pixel 2 and the Google Pixel XL 2 will feature not one, but two cameras. The cameras are significant as they were the highlight of the Google Pixel that was released last year, and the company intends to double down on the camera department this time - giving the users with not one, but two great cameras. The back would feature the fingerprint sensor, the way it was in last years’ Pixel. This 18:9 display ensures fitting in more screen space on the same sized devices. Stay tuned with us for more updates on the Google Pixel 2 and the Google Pixel XL 2.