Having started off in 2010, Xiaomi is among some of the biggest names when it comes to the markets of smartphone technology. The company has been innovating a number of aspects of the way we know the markets to be. Up until last year they were considered to be the next big thing and an unstoppable force. By 2015, they had grown into a $45 Billion company. While this is a huge deal, what made it even bigger and have a bigger impact was the fact that they managed to achieve it in just 5 short years! However, 2016 has not been as kind to them. Based on the latest figures, it has come to light that Xiaomi is now evaluated at a little less than $4 Billion!

Xiaomi, despite all the projections of growth over the years, has lost out over $41 Billion in market valuation. Despite such a monumental loss in their valuation, Xiaomi is still ranked as some of the biggest names in the markets, and is the 5th most popular name in the markets of China. While Xiaomi was doing extremely well in the smartphone markets, it was their ambitions which lead to their fall!

The company, earlier last year, started expanding into a number of other businesses. They have been working on a number of new markets, including smart kitchenware as well as a smart umbrella! The company has introduced a number of new smartphones, as well as a large number of new gadgets. A while ago, they launched the Mi Air notebooks.

Xiaomi, despite losing out on major marketshare in China, has been doing well in the Indian smartphone markets. The company has broken several records in the markets, and has been innovating their way forward. They are also looking at tapping into the US markets. However, it does look like the company has learnt their lesson, and will now be again working on focusing on their core strength, which is the smartphone markets.